Airfiled Marking removal with the HT2500 - Hog Rider

Airfield Marking removal with the Waterblasting Technologies HT2500 - Bull Rider

Diversified Waterblasting

Since 2009, Diversified Waterblasting has been providing removal services at airports and on roadways in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and North Africa. Operating out of the United Arab Emirates, we have consistently met or exceeded customer expectations utilizing Waterblasting Technologies’ Stripe Bull® Waterblasting System. We are capable of the industry’s fastest rubber and marking removal rates with the highest grade of operational reliability. We are able to mobilize by cargo ship, by road or by air.


Road Marking Removal
Road Marking Removal
The Stripe Hog Waterblasting System is able to remove wide markings quickly and with no remaining FOD.
Runway Rubber Removal Services
Road Marking Removal Services
Airfield Marking Removal

Territories Served: Middle East & North Africa

Services Provided: Runway Rubber Removal | Runway Cleaning | Road Marking Removal | Friction Testing

Methods Used: Water Blasting | Hydro Blasting


Certified Operators
All of our Diversified Waterblasting Technicians have a Stripe Bull® certification. They have completed the required operational and mechanical training necessary to perform ultra-high pressure waterblasting at the highest industry standards.

Consistent Results
Diversified Waterblasting technicians use the Waterblasting Technologies’ Stripe Bull® Waterblasting System, which provides consistent results every time without negatively impacting the surface.

Only Water
We only use water for the removal process. We never use harsh chemicals or abrasive brushes on your surface.

Environmentally Friendly
The final recovered waste water is filtered to 100 microns. Upon disposal, the solids (recovered rubber deposits or paint particles) are easily discarded into an appropriate container or dump site in a nearly dried state.

Vacuum Recovery
Our immediate recovery method does not allow the water and debris to resettle on the surface. This leaves your runway or roadway clean and ready for immediate use.

Emergency Compliance
In addition to our technicians adhering to our high safety standards in all our operational procedures, they can vacate and clear any runway within seconds of notification.



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